Friday, March 6, 2015

So Ringling Bros. Deserves Credit for Stopping Elephant Act? Not So Fast

I presume most of you have heard that Ringling Bros. announced that they would discontinue its elephant acts in 2018. So, Ringling Bros. feel they deserve credit for this, and animal rights groups feel they deserve credit, too. But the fact remains that the animals will still be "performing" for another three years, if Ringling Bros. actually goes through with its promise. They may change their minds if the elephant acts become popular during the "farewell" tour. I am skeptically optimistic they will allow stop this nonsense with the elephants; however, I must say that this announcement is a lot like a president promising to balance the budget in another president's term. You should only take credit for doing something when it actually happens. I'll believe this elephant stuff when Ringling Bros. actually does what it says it will do. I'm not going to glorify them for at least three more years of torture to elephants.

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