Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It wasn't the onions that made me want to cry

Has it really been that long since I last made a post? I've fallen out of the habit of regularly posting. Well, I've been meaning to share these pictures I took back in April. Anita and I were really excited about finally getting to go to the Onion Festival in Weslaco. Unfortunately, the Onion Festival is not a celebration of the onion as much of it's just a typical festival. They had bands performing, arts and crafts tent and the non-vegan friendly food stands. When we had enough of the festival on that sweltering day, we had the misfortune of see this poor cow put up for display. The cow was being used to advertise milk. She was howling and miserable. People would come up to her oblivious to her suffering. This is systematic of our culture. We use animals for our benefit, but we refuse to see them, even when they are right under our noses. Unlike fellow humans, there is no minimum standard for treating an animal.