Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It's You, Not the Food, That Makes Things Taste So Good

This is a pretty wild story about changes at the molecular level explaining why Indian food tastes so good. I believe this to be only partly true. From my experiences, especially after I became a vegan, I have found that you like what you eat. Your tastebuds eventually adapt to what the body is consuming. Take nutritional yeast. I hated nooch for almost ten years, but I eventually came around. Now, I can't imagine it not being in my spice cabinet. That is a bit of an extreme example. Another would be meat. You hear so many stories about young children rejecting meat and of their parents sneaking it into their food. Eventually, they will like it despite their initial instinct. The same goes for Indian food, which I hated at first. Now, I crave it. New foods to the body are often revolting.

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