Monday, July 2, 2007

Go vegan, or you might eat human

I was walking down the frozen food section at the grocery store during lunch today, glancing at the products. "Wow, a new Indian dish that's vegan," I thought. I don't usually buy these highly processed foods, but that's good information to know in case I ever want to. Then, I saw a product I used to like when I was a vegetarian (before becoming vegan). Michael Angelo's frozen eggplant lasagna. Absolutely awful for you, but every time I see that brand, it makes me shake my head. Michael Angelo's is a good reason for anyone to go vegan. In 2003, they had an employee cleaning meat processing equipment at their factory Round Rock, Texas, get sucked into a machine and ground out the other side. OSHA fined the company for not making appropriate safety precautions. I'm not sure if they ever took care of the man's wife. I doubt it. As I was standing in the frozen food aisle earlier today, I wondered if the Michael Angelo's factory still uses that piece of machinery that killed the man. I bet they still do, but I don't know it for sure. It reminds me of the labels that frustrate me all of the time that say "May contain dairy." I really don't like buying even those products. Should Michael Angelo's be required to say, "May contain human," if they still use that deadly piece of equipment? I wonder how many new vegans that would generate?


  1. Hey Andrew!
    I had no idea about that Michael Angelo story. Great to find your Blog, I can certainly relate a little (even if I'm not vegan). The info on vegan/vegetarian restaurants and grocery stores in the valley is really useful. I go to the McAllen area now and then and I had no idea about Hop Tung and Sun Harvest - they are right on 10th st.!!!
    I read your post on mother's day, I was in McAllen that same weekend.
    Anyways, keep it up and saludos from Tampico.

  2. Guillermo,
    I have been a vegetarian for over 18 years and have just moved to Tampico. Can you recommend any good veggie restaurants or stores in the Tampico area?