Sunday, July 6, 2014

Is It OK for Alicia Silverstone to be an Occasional Vegan?

So, one Facebook, someone posted this story from US Weekly about Alicia Silverstone occasionally slipping up on her "vegan" diet. The question posed was whether it is OK for her not to get eat vegan. I would be the last person to chastise someone for not staying true to a vegan diet, but Alicia Silverstone is not just someone. I agree generally about people trying their best and that no one is perfect. However, Silverstone has projected a certain image and has tried to make money off of that image. Look at her books, Kind Diet and Kind Mama. She is the vegan expert and wants to instruct the masses. In that sense, she is a role model, just as Isa Chandra Moskowitz is. What would we all think if Isa starting eating steak? It was good while it lasted? I suppose when people are supposed to be the experts, they have a higher standard. Would Jillian Michaels lose her status as a weight loss expert if she ended up overweight? If Alicia Silverstone wants her own private journey, then it should be just that. She shouldn't be trying to make money off of it. She is not simply just a case of a celebrity turning or never really having had her heart in it. To her, it's a business. I don't make any money off of being a vegan. My journey is my journey. I would think you would have different expectations of me if I had my own vegan empire. It does not surprise me that a celebrity would slip up, and it wouldn't bother me if that celebrity did not have a vegan business. That said, I do not think we should be using celebrities as role models. People are really let down when these celebrities get bored with their cause and move on to something else. Gwyneth Paltrow comes to mind with her losing all vegan virtues to eat across Spain with Mario Batali. Or how about Natalie Portman when she got pregnant? They send the wrong messages to people.

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