Friday, March 28, 2014

My eyes, my eyes. His eyes, his eyes.

Vegans and non-vegans love to fight about whether or not our bodies are designed to eat meat...talking about our (pathetic) canines as evidence that we humans are a hunting tribe, etc, discussion about how long or short our digestive tract is (apparently it is short for those that favor meat-eating and long for vegans and vegan-sympathizers).  It is one of those discussions that fully convinces you that you are rights - whichever side you are just to add to all that...

But what about our eyes? How we see?  We see vibrant colors and precise detail.   We love the look of bright colors on our plate so much we invest more than a billion dollars  a year in food colorings to make our food LOOK LIKE FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES!  And what an interesting industry...just spend a few minutes on this website...  We also have the ability to see tiny details in leaves, just needed to identify one species of plant from another to know which ones to harvest.   

Cats, on the other hand see dull colors, but are able to see movement much more distinctly...precisely the needs of a hunter...

Look at any advertisement for beef or chicken.  Somewhere on that plate is a plant product, glorious in its lovely color - a tiny salad, a few cheery, cherry tomatoes, a sprig of parsley, a trio of asparagus, pink peppercorns.  All, sitting along side making the meat look palatable, like a lovely young trophy wife can do for an aging millionaire.   All those advertising dollars and touched-up photos simply to make meat look less meat-like.   Just another way to see the world!

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