Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Dr. does not know I am vegan...

From Anita:
Hello Folks,

I keep getting the question "What does your Dr. say about you being a vegan"...and pregnant? I don't know. I've never told him. I think we should regard Drs. as technicians, there to do a technical job and that's it. Why we think they have infinite knowledge about all things escapes me. My Dr. probably took one nutrition class in the 1960s. What is he likely to know about nutrition? He may spout off to me his own preconceived and uneducated comments, but I can get those anywhere, and for free. So no, my Dr. does not know, and I have no intentions of telling him. He spares me about 30 seconds per visit, and that is more than enough for me.

I am, however, obsessed with nutrition info and love to fantasize about making well-balanced vegan toddler meals once little "Leo" is on solids. I've been obsessed with nutrition for years now so I am already pretty well informed. But the thought of feeding a little one is just endless fun for me.

I am very committed to cloth diapering. I've already bought some supplies. We don't use paper towels at my house and I do not use disposable feminine products so why would I use disposable diapers? Not a chance. Everyone sounds dubious, but I am excited - probably overly so considering what I am so looking forward too!

Aside from that, the pregancy is going smoothly, no problems so far, although I sure do whine about the various symptoms I've got...numb fingers, out of breath, little weird pains in my abdomen. I am 26 weeks so far....happy to wait quite a few more!


  1. Are you interested in natural childbirth, waterbirth, or out of hospital birth? I just stumbled upon your blog.Im vegan and I work at Holy Family Birth Center in Weslaco. We are run by volunteer nurses and midwives. Its unique to the country and especially the valley. You can look us up online or on facebook.. . or call us if you are interesed. (956)969-2538. And you are right, most Doctors dont know much about nutrition.

  2. I've known two people who chose to use cloth diapers during the era of disposables and several who had children back when everyone used cloth ones and there were diaper cleaning services that would come to your house. This may be well known, but I was interested to hear all of them say that the best place to unload and do initial cleaning of cloth diapers is in the toilet, which you would, of course, keep clean enough to allow for minor hand-cleaning of the things. I don't know that I would have thought of that on my own.