Monday, May 14, 2007

A Vegan Nightmare

It must be the beginning of barbecuing season. On Mother's Day yesterday, at least two of my immediate neighbors had their grills out torturing this poor vegan and his wife. The fathers must have been doing the cooking for their wives. I tried working in the garden, but I kept gagging on the smells. I've never understood this country's obsession with grilling. I'm really not complaining about people cooking meat as much as I am about them using grills. The smoke goes everywhere, and if you are in the wrong spot, you get a mouth full of second-hand smoke. I would have loved to have opened the windows in my house like I do on most evenings, but I couldn't unless I wanted a house full of smoke. As far as I'm concerned, this practice of grilling needs to be banned, unless they can figure out a way not to intrude upon others. I have just as much a right to be in my garden as my neighbors have in being in theirs, but when they grill, I have to flee. In essence, they are taking my property rights and holding on to them until they finish their feasting on another animal's carcass. Thanks.

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