Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A taste so sweet

One thing I love as summer approaches is the availability of Texas peaches, especially the ones from the Hill Country. This past weekend, my wife and I drove to Uvalde and managed to get a couple of bags of peaches. They didn't last. They were so sweet, and the flavor and fragrance of these peaches bring you to an almost culinary orgasm. Since being a vegan, I've eaten more in season than ever before. Like most fruits and vegetables, I'll only eat the Texas peaches when they are available locally. Come December, I'm not going to the grocery store and buying an abomination of a peach from some other country, or even California, if I can help it. Peaches that have traveled far are mealy and nearly flavorless. A peach that has been allowed to ripen longer on the tree emits enticing fragrances from several feet away. One picked too early can not develop the adequate amount of flavor or sweetness. A good peach won't last long. It degrades quickly and is soft to the touch. That's what makes them difficult to transport to faraway places. I've got my own peach tree in the ground. Hopefully when it starts to produce, I'd be happy if its peaches were half as flavorful as the Texas peaches available in the stores and roadside fruit stands right now.

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