Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Thoughtless, unthinking creatures?

Yesterday, we added a glass shelf in the bathroom and were able to get some items off the countertop. Normally, our cat, Snowbell, runs into the bathroom when we are there and jumps onto the countertop to get our attention. It's her spot, really. This morning, she runs into the bathroom and stops where she would normally jump up. She's got this confused look on her face, and she stretches her neck to look at what's on the countertop. She looks nervous. What's going on, she seems to be thinking. Finally, at my encouragement, she jumps up. She goes over to the glass shelf and takes a good look at it. She sniffs it. I guess it's all right, she seems to be telling me. She then relaxes and is back to her normal shelf. These are the moments when I think about the cruel machine churning out animals for human consumption. The prevailing attitude in our meat-eater culture is that animals are unfeeling and unthinking creatures. Get to know one. I bet you'd change your mind.

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