Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review: Kebobalicious Full of Promise but a Bit Disappointing

I was on my way to Unity Vegan when I got distracted by a place called Kebobalicious off of Barton Springs Road. My wife and I got a sudden craving for a falafel wrap. I was excited about the fiery sauce they had listed on the menu, but I ended having to forego that because the sauce had dairy in it. I was able to get a sriracha sauce, though, to give it heat. I had to substitute the tzatziki sauce with tahini. It was a decent falafel wrap with lots of lettuce, onions, and tomatoes, but the falafel itself was a bit mushy and not full of flavor. It was nice to try something new, but I was a bit disappointed we didn't make it to Unity instead.

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