Saturday, August 9, 2014

BBQ Revolution: Vegan Brisket Lives Up to Its Reputation

I finally got some of the legendary seitan brisket from BBQ Revolution. Fifth time's a charm. I have to say that it is awesome and well worth the wait. The flavor of the sauce and the texture of the brisket are spot-on. I like the tiny touch of heat in the sauce. I also got the vegan mac for the first time, and it was great, especially with the brisket and potato salad. I was expecting my kids to devour the mac, but what they really went after was the baked beans. Now, the only thing I have not had on the menu is the garbanzo bean tempeh rips. I'm looking forward to that. If I could give a little constructive suggestion for BBQ Revolution, it would be to have a Texas po' boy barbecue sandwich. That was always my favorite at barbecue restaurants down in South Texas. They are a layer of brisket, pulled pork (soy curls), barbecue sausage links, and onion and pickle to top it off. Of course, they would need to add sausage links to your menu, but the fattiness of sausage would really pair well with the meatiness of the brisket.


  1. I keep wanting to try this trailer! I will get around to it soon I swear. Why did you say it took you five tries? Everything looks so good!

  2. They always sold out of the brisket early, or they sold out of everything. I did get to try the soy curls, which were not my favorite. Their hours are pretty narrow. I did not try to get there early, and with my kids, I am subject to their schedules for the most part.