Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It wasn't the onions that made me want to cry

Has it really been that long since I last made a post? I've fallen out of the habit of regularly posting. Well, I've been meaning to share these pictures I took back in April. Anita and I were really excited about finally getting to go to the Onion Festival in Weslaco. Unfortunately, the Onion Festival is not a celebration of the onion as much of it's just a typical festival. They had bands performing, arts and crafts tent and the non-vegan friendly food stands. When we had enough of the festival on that sweltering day, we had the misfortune of see this poor cow put up for display. The cow was being used to advertise milk. She was howling and miserable. People would come up to her oblivious to her suffering. This is systematic of our culture. We use animals for our benefit, but we refuse to see them, even when they are right under our noses. Unlike fellow humans, there is no minimum standard for treating an animal.


  1. I'd love to bug you if I may. I'm very interested to hear how you are finding South Texas to be as a home. My fiance grew up in Corpus. We met in DC and are now living in California. We are thinking of relocating to Corpus but I find myself very afraid at times. How did you guys make friends and find intellectual stimulation upon settling there? Most of his friends seem to already hate me as they found out I back Obama. It frustrates me because clearly I knew they were conservatives and I did not withhold friendship from them. And clearly when they refer to southerners being so nice they must mean the ones in Tennessee. While visiting, people in Texas were always so rude to me when they realized I'm from California. Even my future mother in law who I cannot even speak with she has done such awful things to keep us from having a future together (mind you we are nearly 30 and fortunately she no longer lives in Corpus). Would this move be the death of me or did you guys find some success in this area there yourselves? Any advice or words of comfort would be great. Thanks for your time!

  2. I am sorry you have been made to feel unwelcome in Texas! It is a conservative place, for sure but there are plenty of liberals lurking around. In fact, we have some of the best/most liberal liberals here...Kucinich is particularly popular here!

    I think the reason Andrew and I don't feel alientated is because Texas is where I was born and raised (Andrew lived most of his youth in Germany) and all of our college and married life here. It is just normalicy for us.

    Truthfully, for the most part, the only place I feel challenged intellectually is in college/grad school/various other eduational pursuits. Andrew and I seem to be purpertually in some sort of school environment. Most of the world does not spend their time with intellectual discussions. I think that is OK. When we were living in Austin, we found plenty of like-minded vegans, but a few were so high-and-mighty, "I'm a
    better vegan than you because...." that I don't miss those talks. People are people. Gotta love 'em cause you can't change em.

    We have met some wonderful people along the way, some that already came with wonderful values just like ours and some that are different, but just as wonderful. It takes time to get to know good people, no matter where you live.

    Just my humble opinion - Anita (filling in for Andrew)

  3. I'm from the valley but even though i've lived here most of my life, I've only been back for the last seven years of my adult life. YOu're comment about intelectual stimulation makes it seem like you think people in the south are not smart enough to have a conversation. Which is sad because I feel from your post that because of a few people you've already created a stereotype or you have an opinion of south texas before really meeting other people. Yeah there may not be as many intellectuals here as you may find at every corner in berkeley but people here value not only education but also community. I'm sorry about your family and sometimes there are power/relationship/race dinamics that are tough but you have to see the big picture and the possibilities. I'm not really a cheerleader for Corpus but I think that a community is what you make of it and it begins with work you put into creating your network of people. I'm a brown girl from the valley that came back with a bachelors and a vegan lifestyle and it doesn't matter that i've been here most of my life, I had to build my network of people and even create what was missing... like our veggie poltuck club! good luck.

  4. thank you ladies for taking the time to share your opinions. in regards to "YOu're comment about intelectual stimulation makes it seem like you think people in the south are not smart enough to have a conversation." i wish it were that i had met only a few people when i came to that conclusion, but it was not, it was several. and in fact i have been severely judged for not just my political views but just for that fact that i have grown up in california. my concern over where might i find intellectual stimulation was very specific in regards to liberal politics and generally to the ethical treatment of animals, which is the point of this particular article we are commenting on. And when the "big picture" requires you to turn your cheek on those who are racist and mean... well, those are the reasons i was here sharing my fears and why it is good to hear that there are a few liberals out and about in south texas. Being an outsider experiencing such a place is something that one certainly wouldn't get a full grasp of unless you were a ... well, an outsider.

  5. yup. definitely can be hard to adapt to. but after more than 20 year living at every end and angle of the state, i've finally figured out that i'm home. the conflict is just part of creation. thanks for maintaing this site.
    i must also share that after a dozen years as a vegetarian i am only now discovering the magic of smoothies and cruciferous veggies. if you do smooth, can you share some of your favorite smoothie recipes?