Thursday, September 27, 2007

Only cruel-free dating, please

The other day my wife asked if I would ever date anyone who wasn't a vegan. It's a ridiculous question, I know, because I wouldn't be happy being with anyone but her, but she wanted me to consider the hypothetical. As a vegan, would I consider a relationship with anyone not a vegan? I have a hard time thinking that I could have a successful relationship with anyone who isn't a vegan because she wouldn't share the same values as myself. Being vegan is a deep ethical committment, and it revolves around my love for life, the environment and my health. An anti-vegan in the midst would undermine my values. Is it much different than a lover of peace dating a known mass murderer? I think not. The differences between vegans and others are immense. I can't disown my family, and I would never consider it, but having a romantic relationship with someone who would conspire to stink up the house with burning flesh is quite revolting. Perhaps I would be condemning my life to one of loneliness, I don't know, but perhaps there would be more time to pen the great American novel. Anyway, the question was prompted by this online Newsweek article: "Love Me, Love My Tofu." It mentions one of our favorite vegan couples, Bob and Jenna Torres, who run the famous vegan podcast, Vegan Freak Radio.


  1. before I married my partner, I dated two dudes who weren't vegan but became so during our relationship and continued after our relationship ended. my partner is not a vegan, but he became a vegetarian two weeks into our relationship. I love him as is and have a lot of respect for him. He also respects me and respects the fact that our household is a vegan household and that we're going to raise our child a vegan. will he become a vegan? no idea? but if he does I hope he becomes so in his own accord. btw way, visit my blog to see pictures of the baked goods I prepared today

  2. Hello
    I live in McAllen and I am currently vegetarian but I am trying to switch to the vegan lifestyle. I find it hard because I can't find a lot of vegan products I always read about. How do you do it here?!

  3. Hi Sable,

    If you look at the bottom of this page, I put some resources you can turn to for products you can use. You can get everything you need at HEB on Trenton and the Sunharvest on 10th. The key is having some worthwhile cookbooks so you don't get discouraged. "Vegan with a Vengence," "Vive le Vegan" "How it all Vegan" and "Vegan Planet" are my favorite cookbooks. They make cooking easy and tasty. We order a good olive oil, Eliki, online. Occassionally we go to Austin or San Antonio on trips, and while there I may get a few things at Whole Foods or Central Market you can't find down here, such as organic grape jelly. It is easy being a vegan in the Valley. You just can't survive if you want to hang out all the time in restaurants. Even then, though, there are some options. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me. Also, check out the Cochehua Vegetarian Collective. There's a link to it in my links section. That's the vegetarian group in the Valley. Hortencia Armendariz who leads the group is a great contact. Her blog is Domingo Siete, and there's a link on this page, as well.

  4. Thanks so much! I will definitely look into those cookbooks and the links. That group also sounds great. Thanks a lot!